Shangzhi Pearl Pen Industry Co.,Ltd

       Our company is established in 1988 and is still developing and extending. We havesuccessively established pencil slat factory, pencil factory,

 pencil lead factory and we improved the vertical production system successfully. Therefore we know more aboutevery details of the process of

 making pencils and what kinds of pencil leads the pencilmakers and customers need. After years of studying, we developed a series of 

uniquepatented equipment and figured out the perfect quality control system. We not onlyguarantee the quality occupies the first place in China but 

also sell the high quality ofgraphite pencil leads to European, America, Australia, Southeast Asia, Africa. We arehighly praised by international famous

 pencil makers. All the products meet the productionstandard of EN71-3, EN71-9,ASTM F963-11, MSDS,LHAMA,SVHC,PAHS, REACH.

The products have been passed the ISO9001 quality system certification and BureauVeritas which is the third party inspection. Our output of graphite

 pencil leads accountsfor more than 22 percent of Chinas total value. To be the first-class supplier of globalpencil lead industry is our 

company vision. Conscientious, concentrate,do the best,noexcuses is our working styles.


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